What is Sexy Smarts?

Sexy Smarts is a sex education organisation that provides comprehensive, professional and relevant sexual health programmes that promote responsible sexual decision-making and inspire personal growth.


To help build a sexually literate and resilient society through innovative sexual health education.


Sr. Ruth’s mission is to provide professional and relevant sexual health programmes for children, youth, parents / caregivers and educators that empowers responsible sexual decision-making and inspires personal growth.

Meet the Facilitators

Sr. Ruth Loubser RN RM

Nurse, Sex Educator and Childhood/Adolescent Sexuality Consultant 

Sr. Ruth Loubser has been answering ‘sex’ questions from young people for over 15 years. She has been speaking, consulting and writing on many aspects of sexual development for the past 20 years. Her non-judgemental approach makes this taboo topic easier to talk about.  For many years, she worked as a nurse.  During the past 10 years, she has studied in various disciplines, including theology to broaden her scope of expertise. She is experienced in inter-cultural communication and facilitation. Her vision is to build a sexually literate and resilient society through supportive sexual health education and training.

Sister Ruth has been managing a part of our life Skills curriculum for many years. Learners enjoy her humour and they feel comfortable in her presence. Sister Ruth always comes prepared and is courteous when accommodating the school’s programme.

Karen Le Roux

(HOD) - Senior Phase, Prospectus Novus School

Sr Ruth Loubser is an expert Sexual Health Educator. I have known her over many years as a professional who is invested in promoting sexual health and who makes a true difference in people’s lives. She is highly regarded and recommended.

Dr Elmari Mulder Craig

Southern African Sexual Health Association Executive Board Member, European Certified Sexologist, Relationship Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in private practice for 20 years.

Dr Eli Rosen MTech Hom (UJ)

Homeopath, Sex Educator, Healthcare Activist, and Gender and Sexuality Consultant 

Dr Eli Rosen is a medically trained sex educator. Their focus is on promoting access to healthcare for all people through education of both the patient and healthcare provider. The sexual health and related healthcare of children and teens is often neglected because of the taboos around talking about sex and complexities in providing accurate and non-judgemental information. This lack of education and information can have lifelong repercussions. Dr Rosen is passionate about empowering teens with information on relationship and communication skills as well as medically based, accurate education on body function and sexual health. Dr Rosen lectures at university level on various medical topics related to sexual health, and gender and sexuality. They are also a consultant to NPOs focusing on training healthcare providers in rural South Africa to provide safe and affirming health care services to marginalised communities.

Why Sex education?

South Africa’s Sexual Health 5-year Plan

Currently Sexy Smarts focuses on educating learners in Grades 7 to 12. The programme is in line with the National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRH&R) Framework Strategy[i] mandating innovative approaches to comprehensive sex education and counselling for adolescents.


Adolescents as Stakeholders in Sex Education

Historically, there has been very little engagement with adolescents with regards to what they want and need from sex education programmes. Content provided tends to have a medical or moralistic focus – condoms or abstinence. Neither of these two methodologies are adequate for developing a healthy attitude towards sex or a broader sense of sexual citizenship.


Addressing HIV and Teen Pregnancy in South Africa

Increasing rates of new HIV infections and teen pregnancy which disrupts the education of African girl children especially continue to challenge our society and carry both financial and personal costs. The following quotes mention that both are directly linked to lack of information and personal agency.