Other services

Community / Professional Events

Invite us to address your health professional group or community on a topic related to adolescent sexual health. Questions by youth will be used to facilitate the discussion. This ‘bottom up’ perspective will challenge and invite new conversations about sexual citizenship.

Professional Lecturing

Contact us for more information. Topics include gender and sexuality, childhood sexual development, adolescent sexuality, voice of the child, healthcare worker training (sensitivity towards gay, lesbian, transgender, and intersex patients), and medical topics.

Sexual Resilience Coaching

‘One on one’ or family consultations with a focus on sexual health education and the facilitation of meaningful conversations around sexual health topics. Examples include: small family discussions with us about puberty, STIs, sexual resilience in a more intimate environment or individual conversations with people or caregivers who have sexual insecurities or questions.

We can also provide referrals to appropriate professionals where necessary.