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Sexy Smarts! Let’s talk about it! – An essential resource for young people, adults, educators and health care providers, in fact for anyone wanting factual information, advice and tips on how to start the often-difficult conversations around human sexuality. Thank you, Sr Ruth, for sharing this wisdom borne out of many years of answering so many young people’s questions around this issue with sensitivity and honesty.

  • Dr Ros Boa Sexual Medicine Practitioner (MBBCh, FECSM)


  • A supportive guide for young South Africans
  • For use as an ongoing reference book after attending a sexy Smarts programme
  • A resource for continuing conversations about sex and sexuality in homes and communities
  • A comprehensive standalone book for any person who doesn’t have access to formal comprehensive sex education
  • Contains honest and accurate answers to questions frequently asked by teens


  • A conversation starter for having talks about sex with young people
  • A useful guide for structuring conversations on a broad range of topics
  • Focused on healthy decision making, relationship skills, developing sexuality and medically accurate information about sex, safety and contraception.
  • Written in non-judgemental language that encourages discussion


  • Covers the entire sex education curriculum and can be used to as a guide for sex education in the class room
  • Includes case studies and discussion points to encourage learner interaction


  • A guide for peer group discussions
  • An accessible, systematic approach to information
  • Anyone can use the book to facilitate conversations about human sexuality

Decision-making using the ‘5 As’. Sr. Ruth with Awareness glasses, Assessment hat and Action gloves.

Sharing information about contraception / ‘safer sex’ using PrakPacks. With thanks to Khulumani Gogo/Mama group – (Photo credit: Ruth Loubser)

Sr. Ruth communicates about unique identity using fruit. Venue – The Khulumani Gogo/Mama conference room on the East Rand. With thanks to Khulumani (Photo credit: Chantelle Finnaughty) (

“Wall of anonymous Questions “at a youth sexuality and HIV/AIDs presentation. Questions were answered in the presentation. (Photo credit: Ruth Loubser)

Sister Ruth has been managing a part of our life Skills curriculum for many years. Learners enjoy her humour and they feel comfortable in her presence. Sister Ruth always comes prepared and is courteous when accommodating the school’s programme. Karen le Roux

(HOD) - Senior Phase, Prospectus Novus School

Sr Ruth Loubser is an expert Sexual Health Educator. I have known her over many years as a professional who is invested in promoting sexual health and who makes a true difference in people’s lives. She is highly regarded and recommended. Dr Elmari Mulder Craig

Southern African Sexual Health Association Executive Board Member, European Certified Sexologist, Relationship Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in private practice for 20 years.

You answered all the questions I’ve been meaning to ask but was too scared to do so. You knew exactly what I and probably others don’t know about ourselves. School Learner