Content of the Sexy Smarts programmes


Our programmes are customised to meet the unique needs of each school or group.


Our approach to the coursework includes:

  • Sexuality, personal development, universal moral values and decision-making
  • Puberty – health and hygiene
  • Fertility and pregnancy, contraception, sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) and protection
  • Social groups, peer dynamics and respectful relationships, including friendships
  • A respectful attitude towards diversity, and differences in culture and religion
  • Gender equality, sexual and reproductive rights
  • Non-judgemental information on gender and sexuality including information on marginalised groups such as people within the LGBTIAQ+ communities
  • Sexual Offences legislation, laws concerning ‘age of consent’, legal parameters that govern social behaviour, sexual abuse / rape and support
  • Providing information for accessing support for victims / survivors of sexual assault
  • Preventing sexual violence and domestic abuse by discussing consent and bodily autonomy, while working with learners as both potential victims and potential aggressors
  • Touch communication and boundaries, sexual abstinence, understanding sexual practices, and related socio-cultural practices.
  • Sexuality in the context of cyber safety and online behaviours
  • Promotion of sexual resilience, well-being and sexual citizenship (Body Ubuntu)
  • An age-appropriate practical component includes the Sexy Smarts PracPack for learning about barrier methods for safer sex, contraception, and menstrual hygiene.

School programmes


“BODY MATTERS” with Sexy Smarts! – KNOW, OWN, PROTECT (your body)

These presentations cover every age and stage of sexual development. The Q&A offers opportunities for interactive discussion. The overall goal is to promote sexual resilience, communication and empower people to ‘know, own and protect’ their bodies.

  • Sex Ed Essentials – Grade 7
  • Comprehensive Foundation work – Grade 7 and 8
  • Information Integration Workshops – Grades 9 to 12
  • Sexy Smarts for Yound Adults – Grade 11 and 12
  • Annual Cumulative Workshops
  • Topic specific conversations


It was helpful having a forum where such topics can be discussed without passing judgment.

I no longer feel embarrassed because I [k]now there are millions of girls with the same problems I have.

School Learner

Environment and Attitude

I feel a lot more comfortable with myself and I realize now that sexuality isn’t merely about sexual intercourse. School Learner

Sexuality vs. 'Sex'

You answered all the questions I’ve been meaning to ask but was too scared to do so. You knew exactly what I and probably others don’t know about ourselves. School Learner

Answering Questions

Community programmes


Parent/Caregiver support

Supportive conversations that include:

  • How to talk to children and adolescents about bodies, sex, sexuality, and consent
  • Navigating your own personal attitudes towards bodies, sex, sexuality, and consent
  • How non-judgemental language facilitates honest conversation
  • Topic specific presentations and workshops
  • Promote conversations that are often difficult to initiate at home

 Other programmes include:

  • From the start – Early childhood
  • Bridging the Gap – Puberty preperation
  • ‘What is a blue waffel?’ – Teens and sexuality


Sharing information about contraception / ‘safer sex’ using PrakPacks. With thanks to Khulumani Gogo/Mama group – (Photo credit: Ruth Loubser)

Sr. Ruth was the ideal person to deal directly with sexual issues. She invited learners to write down questions on sexual issues they needed answered. With the necessary medical knowledge as well as her ability to communicate with young people, her effervescent personality and irrepressible sense of humour she was a hit. The learners could ask her anything that they were worried about and could expect a sound answer. Community Organizer

The experience facilitated a change in the journey of our understanding of each other. Mother's Response

Parents Workshop - 'Bridging the Gap'

I can also give answers to those who can’t understand what sexual abuse is because I have gained knowledge.


She made tough things to talk about, seem simple.

Participants of Community Workshops

Other services

  • Community / Professional Events
  • Professional Lecturing
  • Sexual Resilience Coaching



Why Sex education?

South Africa’s Sexual Health 5-year Plan

Currently Sexy Smarts focuses on educating learners in Grades 7 to 12. The programme is in line with the National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRH&R) Framework Strategy[i] mandating innovative approaches to comprehensive sex education and counselling for adolescents.



Adolescents as Stakeholders in Sex Education

Historically, there has been very little engagement with adolescents with regards to what they want and need from sex education programmes. Content provided tends to have a medical or moralistic focus – condoms or abstinence. Neither of these two methodologies are adequate for developing a healthy attitude towards sex or a broader sense of sexual citizenship.



Addressing HIV and Teen Pregnancy in South Africa

Increasing rates of new HIV infections and teen pregnancy which disrupts the education of African girl children especially continue to challenge our society and carry both financial and personal costs. The following quotes mention that both are directly linked to lack of information and personal agency.